Tuesday, September 4, 2018

This made me laugh

Working on a neighbour farm

At the age of fourteen, living at Perilup on my Stepfathers (Pop) Land settlement Farm, Perilup is not a town, just an area, originaly a telephone exchange and a center on a farm two miles down the road where surrounding farmers collected mail and made phone calls, we began living at Perilup in tents waiting for homes and farms to be alocated to the returned War Service Men, the future farmers would work on the farms building fences and general farm duties.
  My Mother Pop and us kids had moved onto a farm allotted to us, and about a year later our neibour moved onto a private farm he bought about a mile down the road from us, this farmer Im about to tell you about drove from the Eastern states with a Caravan he built himself, he was a young farmer I believe he was new to the land, he offered me a job as a tractor driver because he saw me driving a tractor from our Farm, plowing firebreaks around his farm when a Fire was out of control in the area, I was also plowing fire breaks around other neibours farms.


I started working for him plowing all day until the sun went down, me just fourteen years old, this particular evening I had unhitched the plow from the tractor and driving it across the padock to go back to his homestead, where the tractor was parked all night in a shed and filled with diesel ready for the next day, this particular day driving the tractor across the paddock after I had been plowing all day, a big mally root got caught under the tractor well one jacked it up, and one of the large back wheels was air born, I had no hope of getting it off the mally root, (mally roots are big bulkey roots left in the ground after the mally trees are knocked down by draging a large log over the ground,) it was getting  on dusk and I should have had the tractor back at the Homestead well before now, about 7pm the Boss farmer came looking for me in his truck, he had already eaten Showered and dressed in fancy cloths and Japanese Slippers, never seen by me before on a farm, well it was funny enough just seeing him dressed like that, but the real humour started when he was walking around the tractor not knowing what to do  the ground was soft in places from the rain, then all of a sudden his foot sunk up to his knee in the soft ground, and he lost one of his pretty japanese slippers, to me it looked so funny I laughed and could'nt stop laughing, my belly hurt with laughter, he was furious, and could not see the funny side as I did, he didnt talk to me on the driving back to the homestead.

Another day I was driving the same tractor and one of those mally roots dragged across the large tyre and broke the teet pertruding from the wheel and the water started spreying out, as the big tyres are always filled with water to give them weight and tracksion, I quickly unhitched the tracktor from the plow and headed to the homesteat before it went flat, this Farmer was upset with and made me change the large tyre by myself, it was yous to changing tyres as I was taught by my Step Father but it was a little difficult by my self, I did not keep working for that farmer for long after that as I was offered a job on a shearing team.
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